Centro Corona Mutual Aid Donations 2

November 25, 2020

While we’ve been busy working on the next drop, we’ve continued to support Centro Corona’s mutual aid with the profits generated from the “Queens Kids” tees by CNONE.

Since the first donation on October 17, 2020, sales of the blue and black “Queens Kids” tees generated a total revenue of $306. After deducting the costs of producing the shirts and transaction fees, we are left with a net income of $129.60 for shirts sold as of November 25, 2020. The deduction includes the cost of the blank shirts, screen printing, labeling, and transaction fees from our payment processing software.

One of Centro Corona’s coordinators let us know that they were still in need of menstrual pads for the families they were providing aid to. With the money raised we were able to provide an additional 792 menstrual pads since the first donation. So far we have donated a total of 450 masks, 1,612 menstrual pads, and a couple bottles of hand sanitizer. We have also gone ahead and paid the remaining balance to the mutual aid donation page.

We will continue to donate the profits from online sales of the blue and black “Queens Kids” tees. We’re glad we could help Centro Corona in this minor way and strongly encourage you to make a donation if you can at bit.ly/CentroMutualAid

See below for receipts.